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Title: Beautiful Disaster (15/31)
Authors: </a></b></a>smartyshortie and </a></b></a>trixter21 
Fandom: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia ( you really have to ask?)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: We don't own them. If you're either an idiot, a lawyer, or a true American--as suing is the American way. =P And if you're from somewhere cooler than America, you shouldn't have to sue anyways. XD 
Spoilers: Well...y'know what? If you don't know what happens...I suggest you open a book. Read a news article. Watch the amazing movie, even, for Pete's sake. Why? Because everyone knows what happened on the Titanic. >.> If you don't...then I feel really, really sorry for your neglected, poorly-informed self. XD 
Summary:  "Maybe you're supposed to be here, on this ship, Alex. Maybe life was supposed to be this way. For all intents and purposes--God's good timing, fate, the grand scheme of things." AU A/O Titanic RP awesomeness.
A/N: See this post for everything you need to know about this fic. It is highly recommended that you read it to better understand everything that is going on.
A/N 2: You do not need to join the comm to read the fic or to know when we update. All updates will be posted to </a></b></a>aoshippers , P&P and our own private journals

OMG I AM SOOO SORRY! I am an idiot. I sooo meant to post this like a week ago. Totes forgot. So yeah. Here it is. If you don't remember, this is after the dinner, they are going down to third class...So yeah...third class party anyone? <.< >.> SORRY!

"Dance with me." "Always."


Alex: *swallows hard and gazes down the stairs, slightly nervous. But she gazes back into the brown eyes and she knows that she is in good hands. She clutches tighter to Olivia's hand* Ready.

Olivia: *Smiles widely, squeezing Alex's hand softly before leading her down the stairs to the party. Surrounding them are people dancing, a small Irish band full of rum-tum instruments and people laughing and drinking all around, all of them obviously having great times*

Alex: *feels her smile widen genuinely as she gazes around at the people and she can't help the laugh that comes from deep within her at the sight of everyone around her just living life, not worrying about how ridiculous it may seem to outsiders. Her eyes shine and she grins more broadly as she notices Elliot dancing with Kathy.*

Olivia: *Follows Alex's gaze, smiling at her best friend and his partner, noting with a small smirk that they don't look all that bad together--and Kathy really is a good dancer--before gazing towards the bar, about to laugh and point out Fin before she lets out a small 'oomph', feeling a small weight collide with her legs and gut. She looks down, chuckling, picking up Cora* Why, hey there, Cor. *She turns towards Alex, smiling, the young girl in her arms, her fingers still twined with Alex's*

Alex: *grins broadly* Hey gorgeous girl. *when Cora responds bashfully, Alex giggles slightly* Are you having fun? *at the emphatic nod, she laughs again* That's good.

Cora: *Smiling widely at Alex, giggling, before turning towards Olivia, pouting* You said we'd dance. You promised! *She slurs her r's a little, meshing with her tongue as she holds on to Olivia, knowing for a fact that the woman promised to dance with her. She'd been excited about it all day!*

Alex: *laughs, her eyes glowing* It looks like you have an obligation to a certain young lady.

Olivia: *Chuckles, squeezing Alex's hand before winking at her, wrapping both her arms around Cora* I do, don't I? With my best girl, too. *She taps Cora on the nose when she beams widely, smiling softly at Alex, whispering* I'll be right back. *Before swinging Cora onto the dance floor, setting her on her shoes so they can dance a little, Cora giggling happily*

Alex: *grins as she watches them, her hands starting to clap to the music almost of their own accord, her face positively glowing, her heart warming even more so at the expressions on their faces*

Elliot: *Walks up behind Alex, a beer in his hand, a smile on his face as he watches her watch Olivia. He pulls up a chair next to her, smiling over at Kathy before turning to Alex and shouting, over the now-up-tempo music* Hey there.

Alex: *turns to him, beaming* Hey Elliot! Nice to see you again!

Elliot: *Takes a large gulp of his beer, grinning at Alex, his tone curious, but playful* So you guys randomly disappeared today--never came back! Almost sent a search party out for ya!

Alex: *laughs* You sound like my mother! *smiles* Olivia came up to dine with us this evening.

Elliot: *Chuckles, cocking an eyebrow at Alex* Wait a second, she went to dinner with you? *His smile slips* She went to dinner with you? *He looks almost offended* And you guys didn't bring me back anything to eat?!

Alex: *smiles sympathetically* I'm sorry. If it helps we did think of you and we were so close to making off with some of the fine wine!

Elliot: *Laughs, shaking his head, his eyes moving from Alex to Olivia* Yeah, well, ya should've! *He smiles at her dancing with Cora before his gaze goes back to Kathy and he smiles at her from across the room, elated when she smiles back*

Alex: *grins as she gazes from Kathy to Elliot* She's a beautiful woman.

Elliot: *Beams with pride and happiness swelling in his heart* Yeah, she really is. *He turns towards Alex, his tone excited* And she's an amazing dancer. You should really see her dance.

Alex: *smiles* I saw her when we walked in. She's great.

Elliot: *Gets up from the table while Olivia spins Cora on the dance floor, Cora giggling while Liv smiles widely. He grabs two tall glasses of beer from the table behind them, where a couple were randomly laid by whoever the hell was grabbing them from the kegs, and plops one down in front of Alex, grinning, taking a gulp of his own* I sure as hell hope you drink, cause you're gonna need it if you're hangin' round her. *Points towards Olivia, who's still dancing with Cora, full-on laughing, now*

Alex: *laughs and snatches the beer from him, throwing back a good amount, smirking at him as she pulls it down from her lips* I think I can drink.

Elliot: *Blinks before letting out a hearty laugh, shaking his head, taking another gulp of his own, his eyes twinkling* Yeah, you sure as hell can. *He raises his hand, catching Fin's attention as he's walking by, his tone joking* 'Ey, Fin! *Points down at Alex's quarter-full drink* Cabot can drink!

Fin: *laughs heartily* You'll fit right in then, kid!

Elliot: *Smirks at Alex before catching sight of Kathy, again, his smirk turning in to a wide grin. His tone is distracted as he stands up, his glass almost falling off the table as he hastily stands up* I'll see you guys later. *He rushes off towards Kathy, hastily pulling her on to the dance floor, both of them laughing*

Alex: *smiles, laughing gleefully as she watches them dance. And just as she starts to wish she had something like that with someone, she catches sight of Olivia not far off with Cora and she realizes, watching them grinning, dancing happily, that she may just have someone right before her eyes*

Fin: *Quirks an eyebrow at her, grinning as he brings his drink to his lips* So what made you come slum with the third class? *His eyes flicker towards Olivia before moving back to Alex, knowing the real answer, but his tone is joking as he chuckles, watching the drunken dancers around them* Lookin' for a good time?

Alex: *turns to look at him, her eyebrow raised and she tries for a moment to maintain her seriousness, but she realizes in this atmosphere that it is impossible and her lip quivers before she bursts out laughing* Sure. Why not?

Fin: *Smirks, watching Olivia's gaze turn from Cora's towards Alex's, watching her even while she dances with Cora. He turns back towards Alex, glancing between the two* Well, there's tons of good times to be had, here, that's for sure. *Drinks another large gulp of his beer*

Alex: *grins, her eyes finding Olivia* I'm sure there is.

Olivia: *Smiles widely as she catches Alex's eyes, the tune of the song changing around her. She picks Cora up, swinging her around before placing her down next to Alex, winking at her. She grabs Alex's hand, her eyes twinkling* Sorry, Cor', but I'm gonna dance with Alex now, ok? *winks at the girl again* But you're still my best girl. *She tugs at Alex's hand, nodding back towards the dance floor* Come on

Alex: *slightly startled* What? I...I don't know any of the steps!

Olivia: *Shrugs, still pulling Alex backwards, picking up pace a tad* Neither do I. Just go with it!

Alex: *gazes into her eyes and nods* Alright. *clutches her hand, wrapping her free arm around her neck as Olivia's arm wraps around her waist. She drops her eyes, slightly nervously before she realizes that she has been gaining her strength only from Olivia's and she locks eyes with her again, smiling*

Olivia: *Pulls Alex into the rambunctious crowd, mindlessly moving through them, their actions standing out from the majority of the crowd, save for Elliot and Kathy that are slow dancing in the midst of the chaos. She pulls Alex tightly against her, feeling both their hearts beating against her chest from proximity, dancing through the moving bodies, throwing caution to the wind. She turns back to Alex's dancing eyes as they move, finding her unbelievably beautiful in the moment, watching a laugh bubble on her lips and, somehow, spilling out of her own.*

Alex: *clutches to Olivia tightly, allowing herself to be led over the floor, her heart hammering in her chest and she realizes that Elliot and Kathy may have each other, and it was a beautiful beautiful thing no doubt, but she had Olivia and as she gazes up at her, watching her glow, she can't help the laughter because she knows she's never been so happy*

Olivia: *Pulls Alex under and through the pair's open arms, twirling her around and laughing as she pulls her flat against her, still not stopping the beat they had worked their feet into as they continue to glide through the room. And as she looks back, her eyes connecting with Alex's, she's not sure she's ever felt this way--she's not so sure she'll ever feel this way again--but she doesn't care, as long as she can pull Alex just a little tighter, can laugh, and keep dancing with her, in this moment. Maybe, if she's lucky, Olivia thinks that there will be enough moments to fill a lifetime. But she focuses on holding Alex against her, maneuvering them through the obstacles standing in their way, focuses on not breaking her gaze from Alex's*

Alex: *as the song ends, she finds herself panting slightly, her lips spread in a wide smile as she gazes at Olivia. She moves her arm from around the other woman's neck, lifting her hand to brush a stray strand of hair off Olivia's forehead, eyes shimmering as she allows her hand to stray, her fingertips tracing her jaw line and tentatively running over her lips. She watches Liv breathe in deeply and she smiles softly, just moving her hand when she feels someone run into her and she lurches forward against Olivia, clutching her tightly*

Olivia: *Her breath catches as Alex's soft fingers brush across her lips and her eyes flutter before, suddenly, they spring wide open, subconsciously catching Alex as she rushes towards her. She loses her footing, slightly, stumbling backwards, her arms instantly snapping around Alex's waist. She watches as a beer glass slips over Alex's shoulder--from the person that stumbled into her--and she's amazed when the liquid spills over her, as well, not a single drop landing on either one of them. But she stays, clutching to Alex for a moment, her heart raging at what almost happened, and her heart still raging at the feeling of Alex in her arms, and she stands there, momentarily, clutching the blonde to her chest. Before, the next moment, an anger on Alex's behalf bubbles up inside her and she looks over Alex's shoulder, taking sight of the man that bumped into her.* SERGEI?!?!?! *She shouts it--because this is the second time. She keeps her arm around Alex's waist but extracts her other arm, pushing him on the shoulder, spinning him around, her eyes flashing. *Watch where you're going, Sergei! And for God's sake, put down the drink! *He bumbles away from them, laughing, as Olivia turns back to Alex, whose eyes were trained on her shoulder, her fingers tangled in the fabric of Olivia's shirt from the fall, and she pulls back, slightly, brushing the hair from her face, her tone concerned, but still light, thanks to her surroundings, her heart still raging in her chest* You ok?

Alex: *smiles softly, a slight sadness to it as she realizes the moment that almost was. She straightens a little in Olivia's arms as, unbeknownst to them, Steele wanders down the stairs, a look of utter disgust on his face as his eyes scan the room. He locks on them, just as Alex runs her hand down from Olivia's shoulder, over her arm, clutching her other hand and his look grows more foul before he slinks back up the stairs*

Olivia: *Looks down at their fingers, sliding her own against Alex's, searching her eyes for a moment, longing to say something, but knowing Alex wouldn't be able to hear her over the new song playing in the background, so she gently pulls Alex back towards where they were sitting before, a soft smile on her face, nodding towards Fin--who is currently arm wrestling on the table with an infuriated Gerard--before moving around him and grabbing two tall glasses of beer, handing one to Alex, taking a large gulp of hers, shaking her head, still panting--though she's sure it's not as much from the dancing as from the dancing around, as from the moment before*

Alex: *watches the guys for a moment before she chugs down a good deal of alcohol in the glass, knowing she probably shouldn't be drinking, but not really caring at the moment. She raises an eyebrow as Gerard loses yet again before setting her glass on the table. She snatches the cigarette from Fin's lips and motions to a stunned Gerard to move from his seat, which he does, staring at her wide-eyed. She sets her elbow on the table and holds out her hand*

Fin: *Blinks again, once more stunned, before he laughs, shaking his head, setting his elbow down on the table, flexing and poking his biceps while he waits for Alex to take his hand* Alright, lady, but it's your funeral. You ain't gonna beat guns like these. *He flexes again, smirking, turning to wink at a slightly stunned, but highly amused Liv, who shakes her head at him, chuckling*

Alex: *grabs his hand, grinning and she pushes against it, using all her strength, both their eyes locked intently on their hands. She feels Fin fight it, or so she thinks, but when she drops his arm onto the table, she knows perfectly well that it was physically impossible for her to win. Their hands separate as some people clap and chuckle and she looks up at him, her eyes flashing joyfully as she feigns anger.* You bastard! *Fin raises an eyebrow and gazes at her and she rises from the table* You went easy on me! *she moves over to him, standing above him.* I cannot believe you! *she smacks him across the shoulder before turning her nose up in the air and walking back to Olivia's side*

Olivia: *Smirks at Alex, cocking an eyebrow at her, her tone amused* Wow, Alex. *She shakes her head, rolling up the sleeve of her borrowed shirt* Alright, then. *She winks at Alex, playfully shoving Fin out of her seat before nodding towards the seat across from her, her cocked eyebrow turning into an expression of challenge* Come on. *Her smirk returns full force* Unless you're scared I'm gonna beat you.

Alex: *raises an eyebrow and takes a seat across from her, her eyes locking with dark brown and her heart picks up the pace. She clutches the soft, strong palm in her own* I'm scared of nothing.

Olivia: Alright, then. On three. *Turns towards Fin who counts for her, slamming his fist down on the table on three, and Olivia has to fight back the smile on her face as she feels Alex pushing against her hand. She pushes back, slightly, acting as if it's a challenge, putting her 'back into it'. She furrows her eyebrows and huffs a little, but doesn't rip her eyes from Alex's, her heart swelling at the sight of them in such a state. She again has to fight the smile off her face*

Alex: *gazes into her eyes, eyebrow still raised and as she pushes Olivia's hand to the table, she cries out* Damnit! Why are you people treating me like such a lady? *looks hard at Olivia, though a smile fights against her lips* You, Miss Artist, with all your huffing over there should know better than to put one past a future lawyer! You went easy on me!

Olivia: *shakes her head, staring at Alex wide eyed, putting on her most innocent expression, still fighting back the smile on her lips, her tone playful* I did no such thing! Besides, I know better than to treat you like a lady. *She winks at Alex, her tone still playful* You drink like me--nothing ladylike about that.

Alex: *glares at her* Yea well you know what?! *she looks over at her drink glass, which is almost empty and she struggles not to laugh as she points emphatically at Olivia with the hand still on the table* You are so lucky that's a borrowed suit because otherwise this beer would be all over you.

Olivia: *Laughs, letting the smile grow on her lips as she shakes her head* Yes, Liz would prolly be a little pissed. *She chuckles, shaking her head* Ok, ok. Fine. *Quirks an eyebrow at Alex, extending her hand on the table, once more* But I won't go easy on you, this time.

Alex: *smirks, grabbing her hand again* You go easy on me and I swear, borrowed suit or not, that beer will be on you this time.

Olivia: Ah *shrugs her shoulder as she nods towards Fin* There's not much of it in there, anyways. You'll probably need it after this.

Alex: Do you want me to get up from this table and smack you now? Because I really will!

Olivia: *smirks* But standing up from the table is grounds for an instant loss. *Looks at Fin again* Besides, Fin's about to start counting again, right Fin? *At Fin's amused nod, Olivia turns back to Alex, shifting in her seat, tightening her grip on Alex's hand. And, when he says 3, she waits a moment--until she feels the push against her hand--and instantly pushes Alex's hand down against the table with a loud thud, but subconsciously slowing down before her hand hit the table, making sure she didn't hit it too hard*

Alex: *glares at her across the table and crosses her arms over her chest, turning her nose up as she turns her body away from the table*

Olivia: *Shakes her head* Oh, come on, Alex. I told you I wasn't going to go easy on you

Alex: *makes a little squeak of disgust and arches her head higher, angling her face more from the table*

Olivia: *Stands up from the table and makes her way across it, ignoring the men surrounding it, leaning over the back of Alex's chair, her tone playfully upbeat* Come on, Alex. You lost fair and square.

Alex: *tries her hardest not to smile as she gazes at her, eyebrow raised*

Olivia: *Leans a little further over the chair, humming Alex's name, her smile wide* Don't make me make you get out of that chair and smile. I will. Don't think I won't. *Her hands slowly snake around the sides of the chair, near Alex's waist, but not touching her*

Alex: *makes another noise of disgust and turns her head away*

Olivia: *Quirks an eyebrow, trying to hold back her smile as she leans her head into Alex's view, over her shoulder, her eyes still twinkling* One last chance?

Alex: *swallows hard to keep from laughing and turns her head away again*

Olivia: *Lets the grin cross her face fully into her original wide smile* Alright. But I warned you. *In a swift motion, she sweeps Alex out of the chair, twirling her in the air and placing her down on the ground, one arm around her waist holding her firmly, to steady her, before her fingers move quick at work, tickling Alex mercilessly, her eyes twinkling devilishly*

Alex: *screeches slightly as Olivia lifts her and when Olivia starts to tickle her, she bites her lip, her eyes twinkling, trying to be stubborn before the laughter bursts from her and she wriggles in Olivia's arms, laughing hard* I...really...really...don'

Olivia: *can't help but laugh with Alex, the laughter contagious, her eyes sparkling as she wraps Alex in her arms, relenting, allowing her a moment to breathe, pulling Alex's back against her, her hands resting on her stomach as she leans over her shoulder, laughter still on her lips, still chuckling, as she rests her chin against Alex's ear, her eyes dancing, her tone light as she whispers, breathless* Liar

Alex: *her laughter subsides to a giggle and she wraps her arms over Olivia's, turning her head to the side slightly to gaze at her, wanting more than anything to tell Olivia that she's right. But it's moved so far past like. Her heart flutters in her chest at the nearness of the other woman, at the intimacy she feels and she gazes into her eyes, whispering back* You're right, I could never dislike someone like you.

Olivia: *Searches Alex's eyes, a soft smile on her lips, even in the serious moment passing between them. Gently, she maneuvers them so that, their hands clasped, she's walking backwards, pulling Alex along with her, towards the hustle and bustle of the crowd, her voice still quiet compared to the noise* Dance with me.

Alex: *smiles softly, gazing into her eyes, she glides easily with Olivia to the floor* Always.

Olivia: *pulls Alex up to the dance floor, a lovely, highly Irish sound blasting through her ears, her heart pumping in her chest. She waits a moment, the crowd clearing before she jumps up, pulling Alex up with her before jumping into the middle, just dancing for the hell of it*

Alex: *laughs letting the music, the rhythm, the moment flow through her until she is quite certain that she has completely lost herself, knowing only that there is no place else in the world she could wish to be at the moment*

Olivia: *Laughs with her, hooking her arm through Alex's, pulling her in a circle, the dizzying feeling doing nothing but enhancing the clenching feeling in her heart that comes every time she looks into Alex's glowing eyes*

Alex: *shrieks and clenches her eyes shut* Oh God! *laughs and opens them again, her eyes locking on Olivia's, watching everything flashing through them, knowing that her eyes must be showing the same things at the moment*

Olivia: *The sight of Alex--so happy, so carefree--releases something in Olivia's heart that she didn't even know she was holding in and she skips a step, pulling Alex tighter against her, still laughing, twirling Alex around in her arms before twining both of their hands together once more*

Alex: *grins, wondering if her heart is beating at the same rhythm as the music, knowing either way that it is beating at the same pace as Olivia' just has to be. But as the music slows and she gazes into those dark eyes, she knows for a fact that her heart can't be going the same rate as the music anymore because it is beating too rapidly in her chest at the thought of Olivia having to hold her closer, intimately even*

Olivia: *mindlessly slows down as she stares into Alex's eyes, losing herself, her fingers moving down Alex's arms to her waist, gently pulling her closer, her smile soft, her breath coming in pants. Her heart is still raging in her ears and she can feel her hair stick to the back of her neck as she leans her forehead against Alex's, her words breathy, honest, not really registering with herself until she's already said them, and, oddly enough, she doesn't want to take them back.* I could really get used to this. *She sways with Alex, her eyes still searching deep pools of blue, and she continues* To all of this. *To you, with you, the words obvious in her eyes, but left unspoken by her breathless lips*

Alex: *gazes into her eyes, her heart hammering in her chest. She sees the unspoken words and it feels like her heart has jumped into her throat, like it's clenching there, keeping her from speaking. She opens and shuts her mouth a couple of times before sighing softly. And then she realizes something, realizes that while Olivia has pressed so many kisses to her forehead, her hands, she has never reciprocated. So she pulls back slightly, missing the contact of their foreheads. And she searches Olivia's eyes for a moment before moving her hands from her neck, cupping her cheeks, bringing her forehead down. She presses a kiss to the soft skin, reveling in the warmth, the smoothness, her eyes shutting momentarily before she finally, slowly, reluctantly pulls back, hoping that said everything she wanted it to.*

Olivia: *Her eyes flutter as she feels Alex's soft lips against her skin, and her fingers tighten against the cloth on Alex's waist, her breath catching in a momentary pause. Her heart is racing, her mind filled with so many thoughts that it feels like it's focused on one--and the emotions surging through her like a fire spurned on by a heavy heaping of wood. When Alex pulls away, she searches her eyes--desperately, like it’s the floating piece of debris she clings to in the midst of an ocean--and gulps at what she sees. She feels like she can breathe, again, yet like the air won't escape her lungs. Olivia raises her hand, shaky, to the hand cupping her face, her voice a whisper, almost full of hope* Alex... *She closes her eyes, again, searching for the words to say, wondering how she can possibly bring them to the surface* I want... *She gulps, the people around them dance, merrily, the world around them lively while they're frozen in the middle, in this moment* I need.... *She hesitates, not sure how to say it--not even sure if she should say it--and her other hand moves from Alex's waist to cup Alex's face in her hands, lovingly, losing herself in the emotion in Alex's eyes. She leans closer, just barely, not sure what she's doing--not sure if she's reaching out physically, or emotionally--but still hesitant, somewhere subconsciously. She wants to ignore it, to throw caution to the wind, to finally let someone have her heart, for good. But she's scared. And she gulps, knowing this moment very well may decide it all. So she whispers the truth* To fly. *To let go. To be free. To give herself to Alex. And it's in this moment that she realizes that she was Alex's all along. But she still leans closer, barely, her lips a breath away, leaving the last gap a leap of Alex's to make, her whole body trembling*


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