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Chapter 14

Title: Beautiful Disaster
Authors: smartyshortie and trixter21 
Fandom: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia ( you really have to ask?)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: We don't own them. If you're either an idiot, a lawyer, or a true American--as suing is the American way. =P And if you're from somewhere cooler than America, you shouldn't have to sue anyways. XD 
Spoilers: Well...y'know what? If you don't know what happens...I suggest you open a book. Read a news article. Watch the amazing movie, even, for Pete's sake. Why? Because everyone knows what happened on the Titanic. >.> If you don't...then I feel really, really sorry for your neglected, poorly-informed self. XD 
Summary:  "Maybe you're supposed to be here, on this ship, Alex. Maybe life was supposed to be this way. For all intents and purposes--God's good timing, fate, the grand scheme of things." AU A/O Titanic RP awesomeness.
A/N: See this post for everything you need to know about this fic. It is highly recommended that you read it to better understand everything that is going on.
A/N 2: You do not need to join the comm to read the fic or to know when we update. All updates will be posted to</a></b></a>aoshippers , P&P and our own private journals

I just want you.


Alex: *opens the note beneath the table and reads "Carpe Diem-meet me at the clock" Her eyes widen and she folds it back up quickly, glancing at Liz, who smiles gently at her before turning to her mother, stating quickly that she was feeling tired, trying not to run as she rose from the chair and left the dining room. She swallows hard as she steps through the doors, gazing up the stairs, nervously starting her ascent*

Olivia: *Turns around as the clock strikes, her jacket slung over her shoulder, her face lightening up as Alex starts to walk up the stairs. She reaches her hand out to her, feeling instantly liberated from the burdens of the dinner, moments before, her eyes shining* Wanna see a real party?

Alex: *gazes at her as she places her hand in Olivia's, her eyes curious, glowing as she smiles softly, finally standing on the last step. She nods slowly* Sure.

Olivia: *Twines their fingers, excitedly pulling Alex away from the first class entrance and onto the deck, taking a large breath when they exit into the cool night air, her smile wide as she turns to Alex, lightly swinging their hands between them because of her pace--not fast, but not slow, either--her heart thrumming in her ears*

Alex: *gives her hand a gentle squeeze, her heart beating rapidly, in anticipation of what is right now unknown to her. She finds that she is looking forward to whatever it is, realizing that it is most especially because of the woman at her side. She gazes at her, smiling broadly* I am so glad to be out of dinner. Although it was far better tonight thanks to your presence.

Olivia: *Grins at Alex, squeezing her hand back* To be honest, I'm glad to be out of there, too. Not that dinner wasn't delicious...but *She shakes her head, taking in a deep breath of the free, cold air around them, searching Alex's eyes* I find that this is a lot nicer. *Her smile turns to a smirk* Besides, you only think it was better because I'm George Sand.

Alex: *blushes slightly* Well if you are George Sand I have no idea what on Earth you are doing with the likes of me when you could be out there finding your own Chopin.

Olivia: *Gazes into Alex's eyes, her voice soft, still a little unsure, but her voice steadier than her pulsating heartbeat* Or perhaps I just need to find my very own Marie Dorval.

Alex: *swallows hard, gazing into her eyes, her voice soft* You know it has never been confirmed that they were lovers. It is all rumor and speculation.

Olivia: *Her words barely above a whisper, regardless of the fact that they're practically the only people on the deck* As are many things to do with scandals. *Looks back into Alex's eyes* All of life is generally rumor and speculation. *Shakes her head, a soft smile crossing her face* Besides, I could have been talking about the fact that they were obviously close friends. You speculated that that was what I meant.

Alex: *blushes deeply, as the realization hits her and she can't help but break her gaze from Olivia's, biting her lip, scanning the deck nervously as her heart beats rapidly against her chest*

Olivia: *Watches Alex, glad their fingers are still twined when she feels a shot of an almost deprived sort of pain when Alex's gaze rips from hers. She shakes her head, heading down the stairway, Alex beside her* The reason why speculation exists is because people over think things. They over think things that they shouldn't think about, instead of allowing themselves to just live, and let other people live. *She looks back over at Alex, her tone soft, honest, making her feel oddly vulnerable* I don't want to over think things. *She looks down at their twined hands, brighter in the bright lights of the hallway* And I...I don't want to over think this. I just...I just...*sighs, the words not coming from her mouth easily, since so many emotions are jumbled in her head* I just want you.

Alex: *she listens as Olivia speaks, trying her hardest to keep her gaze away, but at her last words, her head whips around and she stares at the other woman, her eyes slightly wide. She opens and shuts her mouth, trying to figure out the words that would explain properly how quickly her heart just picked up the pace or how fast her head just swam, but she finds nothing proper to say, instead losing herself in the dark eyes. She clutches Olivia's hand tighter, sighing softly, swallowing hard before she finally gains control over herself. Her voice is soft, barely above a whisper and her nerves, though she tried her best to hide them, are really quite evident* I want to be with you too.

Olivia: *The smile starts off slow as she searches Alex's eyes, settling gently in her lips as she squeezes Alex's hand. The emotion fills her, swells within her, and, in this moment, Olivia finds herself happy--finds herself lost in Alex's eyes, and the possibility of what all of this might mean. Her hand slips from Alex's hand as she leans forwards, her palms cupping Alex's face in her hands as she gently kisses her forehead, as she had earlier in the day, forever-lingering, her eyes fluttering. Her heart is raging in her chest. Her throat is tight and she wants to cry, and she wants to laugh, but she does neither. Instead, when her eyes flutter open and Olivia pulls back from Alex, her hands still cupping the blonde's face, she looks around, noticing they stopped somewhere in the hall, mindlessly. And the smile on her lips splits her face in two.*

Alex: *breathes in deeply, her breath catching in her throat as she feels Olivia's lips against her skin, wishing more than anything that she could feel them against her own lips. As Olivia pulls away, the breath comes out in a heavy sigh and she gazes at the brunette, her heart hammering loudly as she watches her. When their eyes lock, she smiles nervously, her head spinning with so many thoughts, her smile growing a tinge of sadness as she remembers that she is still engaged to someone else*

Olivia: *Watches Alex, reading her smile, reading her eyes. She shakes her head, twining their fingers once more and raising Alex's hand to her lips, kissing the backs of her knuckles, her smile soft, sad at the thought, at the feeling, that this couldn't last. That something would happen--that time might be short. And it frightens her, so she squeezes Alex's hand, gently, whispering* Don't think about it. *And she tugs her, leading her backwards towards where the noise of a 'real party' starts to re-fill Olivia's ears, and she smiles softly at Alex, her words barely a breath, but strong* Come on.

Alex: *bites her lip, gazing at Olivia, wondering how much the other woman saw in her eyes. She sighs softly and closes her eyes for a moment, breathing in before she opens them, some of her confidence returning as she nods slowly and allows Olivia to lead the way*

Olivia: *Pulls Alex up to a staircase, leading further down into the hull, stopping momentarily. There's quite a bit of noise coming from it, and Olivia knows that nearly all of third class must be down there, having fun in third-class-style. She quirks an eyebrow at Alex, her normal smirk-smile returning to her lips as she chuckles a little, hearing a large majority of the crowd downstairs go 'aaaaaahhhh!' out of the middle of nowhere, and her tone's amused, lighter, her fingers still tangled with Alex's* Ready?

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