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Title: Beautiful Disaster (13/31)
Authors: </a></b></a>smartyshortie  (Alex) and </a></b></a>trixter21 (Olivia)
Fandom: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: We do not own them no matter how much we wish we did XD
Spoilers: Well...y'know what? If you don't know what happens...I suggest you open a book. Read a news article. Watch the amazing movie, even, for Pete's sake. Why? Because everyone knows what happened on the Titanic. >.> If you don't...then I feel really, really sorry for your neglected, poorly-informed self. XD 
Summary: "Maybe you're supposed to be here, on this ship, Alex. Maybe life was supposed to be this way. For all intents and purposes--God's good timing, fate, the grand scheme of things." AU A/O Titanic RP awesomeness.
A/N: See this post for everything you need to know about this fic. It is highly recommended that you read it to better understand everything that is going on.
A/N 2: You do not need to join the comm to read the fic or to know when we update. All updates will be posted toaoshippers , P&P and our own private journals

As for alcohol, I wish I could be of assistance there, but I do believe they frown upon running away with bottles of fine wine.


Alex: *settles momentarily as conversation eases to eat a little when she glances over at Liz, smirking slightly* So, Liz are you regretting yet that you did not get the chicken?

Liz: *Smiles widely after she swallows a rather large bit of filet* Oh, no, quite the opposite actually. *She makes a humming noise of approval as she takes another bite, waiting until she swallows, once more, to continue* I'm in heaven, right now.

Alex: *laughs softly* Heaven in a filet, who would have thought. *shakes her head, smiling as she turns to Olivia* And how are you doing, Miss Artist, finding any inspiration?

Olivia: *Caught halfway between an audible moan as she takes a bite, wondering when the last time was--if ever--that she'd ever had something this good. She had long ago gotten used to the idea of being a little hungry, but when Alex's voice floats to her ears, she turns, the hunger abating in light of Alex's words. A soft, honest smile crosses her lips as she nods, her eyes locking with Alex's, her tone playful, but her eyes serious* Yes, I do believe I've found a lifetime of inspiration.

Alex: *smiles softly, gazing back* A lifetime, really? From one moment?

Olivia: *her tone serious as she searches Alex's eyes* Yes. Lifetimes of inspiration from the smallest moments. *She opens her mouth but closes it, aware of where they are, aware of the burning of Madeline Cabot's eyes on the side of her face, aware of Robert sitting on the other side of Alex, and her own trembling hands. She's very aware of it all...and she wants to say it--she wants to, more than anything, just stand on the table and scream the words she's never said to anyone in her whole life, but is prepared to say to Alex, after barely a day of knowing her. But she can't...because she knows where they are, and she can't, because of Alex. For Alex. So she clears her throat a little, her voice cracking in its sudden playfulness as she points down at her plate, but her eyes never turn from Alex's, they never dim. Even if she can't say it, she can still try* After all, this is really good.

Alex: *bites her lip and breathes out a laugh with the rest of the people who heard Olivia. She smiles, wanting more than anything to get out from under the gaze of her mother* The best. *she murmurs before she takes another bite*

Robert: *Mindlessly breaking in, his smile as charming as ever, his hand resting on Alex's arm as he leans forward to get a better look at Olivia, watching her take another bite, this one, he notices, not as enthusiastic as before* So, tell me, Olivia. This must be a new experience for you. Are you enjoying your meal?

Alex: *watches Olivia look at him and she finds herself caught momentarily between the looks exchanged, one from the man she is supposed to love and the other from the woman she does love. She bites her lip, gazing awkwardly at her lap*

Liz: *Watches the exchange, almost nervously, watching Olivia not quite sure how to respond--not from the awkwardly insulting comment--but from the tension suddenly growing between the three. Liz notices that Robert doesn't quite understand it, even though he obviously feels it. She breaks in, a piece already on her fork, her tone a bit too cheerful* Olivia, would you care for a piece of my filet? It's absolutely fabulous. And *laughs a little, hoping her intent doesn't shine through her slightly strained laughter, watching as Olivia and Robert stare from Alex to each other* I must be honest, I've been eyeing that steak of yours all night. Might we exchange a bite? *Looks over at Alex, whose eyes are gazing firmly at her lap* Or perhaps you, Alex? Your dish looks dazzling, as well.

Alex:  Hmm? *gazes up from her lap, realizing she'd allowed herself to go into a sort of trance and she shakes her head slightly* Oh. I'm quite alright, thank you. But you can try some of mine if you'd like. *she tries to smile*

Olivia: *Turns over to see Liz awkwardly gazing between Alex and Olivia, her fork--piece of filet drooping from its spike--hanging limply in the air. Liv shakes her head, forcing a smile onto her face, recognizing what Liz is trying to do before she cuts off a piece of her steak and puts it on Liz's plate, a genuine smirk sneaking over her features as she gazes at the look on Liz's face* There you go. *She shakes her head, her smirk dropping as she turns back towards Robert and Alex, a sigh bubbling in her throat* However...all I want in return is some more alcohol. *She blinks as, appearing out of nowhere, a waiter's hand shoots out and fills her glass, smiling widely at her before walking away, and she can't help but think ‘Damn, they really do have a good operation going here.’*

Robert: *chuckles, though it doesn't reach his eyes* Why, Miss Benson, you even drink like a true gent!

Olivia: *Blinks, biting back her many retorts, once more, trying to smile* Thank you, Robert. I suppose...I'll take that as a compliment. *She has to physically bite the inside of her cheek to keep herself from any sort of comment other than her slightly skeptical 'thank you' leaving her lips*

Robert: *smirks slightly and raises his glass to her in a mock toast before he takes a sip*

Olivia: *clenches her hand tightly in her napkin under the table, but her smile surprisingly convincing as she raised her glass upwards, towards Robert, not able to keep her comment back when Robert takes a sip of his drink* Well, it seems like perhaps I drink like a gentleman, you drink like a lady, Robert. *She smiles widely at him, setting her drink back on the table, trying to keep her tone as light as possible*

Alex: *eyes widen and she coughs a little into her napkin, trying to cover the laugh that is threatening to break through. She shoots a glance at Olivia, her eyes dancing, but finds that she cannot maintain eye contact long for fear of the laugh slipping through. She breathes in and out deeply and finally inserts a bite into her mouth to refrain from doing anything stupid*

Liz: *Not being nearly as tactful, at the moment, as Alex, laughs heartily along with quite a few members of the table, reminding Olivia of just how many people were at the table* Y'know, the girl has a point, Robert. I have never seen you slam down a good one. Arty, on the other hand *Liz tries to subconsciously draw the attention away from Olivia, Alex, and Robert, motioning to the man across the table from her* Can probably drink every single one of you under the table. *Arty, oddly enough, beams at the words* A fact I know he's quite proud of. He won twenty off me in New York, a couple of months ago.

Alex: *shoots Liz a grateful look and while the rest of the table immerses in a new conversation, she turns to Olivia and whispers* How are you doing?

Olivia: *Taking in a deep breath, looking into Alex's eyes, shaking her head* Much better now. *She takes a gulp from her drink, setting it down as she bites in to another piece of bread, knowing she probably won't get to eat like this, again, for quite a while, before she turns back to Alex, offering her a genuine, if a bit small, smile* I feel like I just went twenty rounds with a shark. *Chuckles a little, her tone light, her eyes back to sparkling* But I'm alright. How about you, even if you're used to all this?

Alex: *smiles softly, wishing more than anything to take Olivia's hand, to clutch it tightly in her own, to offer some small bit of comfort. She resists the urge, instead playing with the napkin in her lap* I'm doing well. *bites her lip* I do apologize for my mother and Robert. They're always difficult, but tonight they have become unbearably so. *smile slowly* Although you are holding your own very well.

Olivia: *Shakes her head, watching Alex distractingly twirl her napkin in her lap* It's alright. It's not your fault. *Smile grows a bit wider* And besides, you forget who I've been traveling with, all these years. They're nothing compared to Elliot. *She chuckles a little, still watching Alex twirl the napkin and she reaches over, stopping the motion with her hand, smiling up at Alex, using it as an innocent excuse* That's pretty distracting. Sorry. I couldn't stop staring. *Shakes her head* And if I keep staring at your lap, there's no telling what your mother will say next.

Alex: *blushes slightly, but gazes into Olivia's eyes, her own eyes shining just from the minimal contact between them* Sorry. *she smiles softly, bashfully before it turns slightly teasing* So tell me, how could dear sweet Elliot be worse than my mother?

Olivia: *Laughs, shaking her head* Oh, you have no idea. Some of the things he says...*Looks around, still a little conscious of their surroundings* Well, nearly all of what he says would not be appropriate for this table. *Shakes her head* But he's relentless. *Sighs, groaning a little, still smiling as she rubs her hands over her face* I just wait to get back to the room tonight. Boy is he gonna let me have it.

Alex: *raises an eyebrow* Why is he going to get on your case tonight?

Olivia: *Raises an eyebrow back at Alex* Are you kidding me? First off, I'm most likely going to come back looking like this. *Looks down at herself, grinning* Dashing and in all my glory. Second off, I didn't bring him any food. He'll be especially...angry...that I didn't bring him any sort of alcoholic tonic. *Shakes her head, the next words leaving her lips before she can think of stopping them, her eyes gazing into Alex's* And third off I spent the whole night with--*And then she freezes, her eyes momentarily going wide, her brain kicking in quick enough to stop what she was going to say. So she finishes, lamely, hoping Alex won't notice* all...first class.

Alex: *bites her lip, noticing Olivia's pause. If they'd been alone, she might have said something, but she realizes their predicament so she lets it drop for the time being, wondering if Olivia will ever say what was really on her mind. She hesitates for a moment and when she finally speaks, a smile spreads easily across her lips* Well he'll just be jealous that he can't look as dashing as you in a tux. *smirks* As for alcohol, I wish I could be of assistance there, but I do believe they frown upon running away with bottles of fine wine.

Olivia: *Laughs, the image of them running away with bottles of wine while being chased by not only all of the staff, but all of the first class, as well.* That's true. Besides, everyone else might chase me too. *Her eyes twinkle* I hear fine people quite enjoy their fine wine.

Alex: *smirks and drops her voice lower just in case* Except when Robert drinks like a prude.

Olivia: *Holds back her laugh, this time, knowing that, if she lets it out, she might not stop laughing. She shakes her head* I guess if they catch us, I'd just have to rely on my fine drinking ability. *Gazes across the table, smirking* Or maybe we could get Arty to help us with that. *Shakes her head, again* Oh, never mind, he'd probably tackle us for the booze, first.

Alex: *snorts before quickly turning it into a cough, her eyes glowing. She takes a moment to compose herself before she speaks* This idea keeps sounding better the more we discuss it.

Olivia: *Smiles widely at Alex* I still think Elliot will be disappointed, though. By the time we get back, we'll probably have to drink it all.

Alex: *grins* Oh dear. I think that would be a scandal that even the third class would be talking about.

Olivia: *Chuckles* Or at least whining about it. I can just hear Fin now 'Do you know what you could have done with all that?!' Although I'm not sure of what he'd come up with besides 'give it to me'.

Alex: *makes a face* I don't know what he was drinking this afternoon, but he certainly has awful taste in alcoholic beverages.

Olivia: I should have warned you. I tried some mix of his last night and, I don't know, it became a bit of a fascination. He mixes the weirdest things together. *Looks over at Alex, shaking her head* And not all of it is always alcohol. According to Fin, 'Pickle juice adds a great flavor to any drink.'

Alex: *gazes at her* Please, please tell me you are joking!

Olivia: *Winces for her* I'm afraid not. You're lucky, though. According to him, he only does that on Fridays. Like a weekend surprise *Shudders a little at the memory* My luck.

Alex: *laughs softly* Oh you poor thing! *grins* Maybe we can arrange some form of payback later.

Olivia: *Quirks an eyebrow* Payback?

Alex: *shrugs, her eyes glinting mischievously* I'm horrible with schemes, but I do hear that tobasco sauce is a great mixer.

Olivia: *can't help the laugh that releases itself from her throat* Oh, that's just great. *Shakes her head, her smile wide, her tone innocent* Maybe a jalapeno for flavor?

Alex: *giggles* Oh I do believe we are too evil.

Olivia: *Chuckles* No, no, we're just women. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. *Looks around the table before looking at Alex, eyes dancing* We still are running away with the alcohol, right? I was more than excited about that plan.

Alex: *can't help but laugh at the look in her eyes and she finds that it feels so great that she really doesn't wish to stop. She notices the look her mother gives her, but still she laughs, her heart feeling lighter than it has felt in a while. She manages to breathe out* Sure, why not?

Robert: *Olivia is about to respond when Robert reaches out and grabs Alex's arm, nodding down towards their now-emptying table, dinner over. Olivia blinks, wondering when that happened.* Alex, darling, dinner is finished. I think that, perhaps, the gentlemen *Smirks a little at Olivia before turning back to Alex* shall go take our brandy, now.

Alex: *nods slowly* Alright. See you later then, darling.

Olivia: *having quickly written a note, handing Liz back her pen, both of them smiling before Olivia denies Liz's invitation to stay, both of them knowing she wasn't going to stay anyways* Oh, no, it's alright, Liz. I have to be getting back. *She walks back over to Alex, laying her palm up for Alex to take, a small note resting there. She bows forward, slightly, kissing Alex's hand, her lips and eyes lingering--her eyes lost in a sea of blue, her lips rendered frozen by soft skin--momentarily before she leans back on her heels, a charming smile on her face. She turns to the rest of the remaining women* Goodnight, ladies. It was a pleasure. *Before she leaves, heading towards the grand staircase, her nerves making her slightly flustered. She takes off her jacket, suddenly feeling very hot, and waits by the clock*


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