December 7th, 2008


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Rose- Alex Cabot, 17 years old
Jack- Olivia Benson, 21 years old
Ruth Dewitt Bukater - Madeline Cabot, Alex's mother
Molly Brown - Liz Donnelly
Cal - Robert Shelton, Alex's fiance
Fabrizio- Elliot Stabler, Olivia's best friend
Tommy - Fin Tutuola
Captain Edward Smith - Don Cragen
Mr. Andrews - John Munch
Lovejoy -  Jim Steele, Robert's manservant
Bruce Ismay - Trevor Langan
1st Officer Murdoch- Tim Donovan
2nd Officer Lightoller- Jack Hammond
Other, minor characters will come up and will be explained thoroughly enough at their appearance.

smartyshortie  is always Alex and trixter21  is always Olivia. Besides that, it varies. We took turns, so we are every other person, except for one random time where trixter21  did double post but that's a story for a different day. haha.

Some of these characters are historical figures. Most of the personality traits do hold true to their personalities, at least as portrayed in the film. We have taken liberties based on personality traits of SVU characters but they are in their roles for a reason. There are certain things that Rose did that Alex would never do and vice versa. The same goes for the other characters. The movie also left certain gaps that needed to be filled and we filled them the best we could, based on knowledge of the characters, the movie, and deleted scenes. You do not have to have seen the movie to read this, although we do give away the ending. If you know the ending, you also know that this is by no means a fic to be taken lightly. There is character death and many of our beloved friends will die. That being said, we hope you enjoy this fic.